The Impacts of Weather Damage On Your Roof

The Impacts of Weather Damage On Your Roof: Storms can be some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring natural phenomena out there. But they can also be some of the most destructive.  But, a big storm is just of the many kinds of weather elements that can damage your roof . High wind, rain, and even a little hail can all cause significant damage in the right conditions. Over time, even just plain sun exposure will damage your roof. Especially if you happen to live somewhere that released UV warnings regularly. This guide from Atlanta roofers , Colony Roofers, walks you through what to look out for on your roof after a storm comes through. While there are plenty of experts who can review your roof on the occasion and tell you when you need repairs, sometimes you need to see the signs of weather damage before your next annual inspection. These common signs of weather damage will clue you into problems, often before the problems lead to even more damage.  Warning Sighs That Your Roof Migh

A Roofs Relation To Home Value

A Roofs Relation To Home Value Whether you’re looking at your home as a long term investment, or are looking to sell you home, you’re probably wondering how much your roof can impact home value. The good news is that a new roof can add amazing curb appea l and significant value to your home The bad news is that a roof in poor condition can also detract from the value of your home. A damaged roof is also one of the first things prospective buyers and renters will notice.  A New Roof Within The Housing Market Often your realtor might suggest replacing your roof before you sell your home if they suspect it’s in poor condition or looks like it might impact sales potential. Your realtor might also suggest a new roof if your home has been on the market for an extended period and you need to do something to help it sell and add value to your home.  This is one of the most obvious scenarios where you can really feel the value of a roof for your home. If your roof is in poor condition, it can m

5 Things To Look Out For With Your Residential Roof

5 Things To Look Out For With Your Residential Roof Most homeowners don’t pay a bit of attention to their roof until it starts leaking or they notice water stains on their ceiling. But, by the time you see visible issues with water most of the damage has already been done. If you really want to protect your home, there are some things you need to know about your roof to help keep it over your head and not leaking or causing damage to your home.  These basics tips from Colony Roofers , Atlanta roofers , will help you take better care of your roof and will give you a better chance to prepare for upcoming expenses and repairs.  Don’t worry if you’re not already aware of these things. You’ll be in the small percentage of homeowners that understand their roof after reading this guide. And if there’s anything you can’t quite figure out, the records on your home, an inspector, and a quick self-inspection will help you find it all.  Back to the Basics – Do You Know How Old Your Roof Is? Have Y

Colony Roofers of Atlanta

Colony Roofers  is a local, residential and commercial roofing contractor that you can trust. Colony Roofers has been providing residents of Atlanta, GA  with a  team of  experts in the installation of affordable roofs and great customer service.   We specialize in residential and commercial roofing systems, and work tirelessly to provide customers exceptional quality and value. Our attention to detail is among the best of Atlanta roofers, and we stand by the quality of our work by offering rock solid workmanship and long-term product warranties.   Services: Commercial Roofing   Residential Roofing Roof Coatings Metal Roofing Storm Damage: Hail Damage Repair Roof Insurance Claims Roof Leak Repair When you’re looking for a commercial roofer in Atlanta, GA with a diverse range of services, search no further than Colony Roofers. We can help you with everything from apartments and churches to hospitals and warehouses. You can learn more about all the services we provide or get started on a